Innovation mit IAM Global

We define Smart Recruitment and lead the industry with a clear technology focus.

Everything we do is focused on getting you right as a business. Our methodology combines scientifically based, psychometric testing procedures with the analysis of technical requirements and real position environments, as well as the associated motivational factors. In this way, we go the decisive steps further right from the start and capture a holistic picture of the relevant dimensions that are important for a sustainably successful employment relationship. People are completely different, and so are the millions of jobs – even if job titles or technical requirements may sound similar in parts. It is always about the individual human being, who can fully utilize and expand his natural strengths in the right environment.

Our Three-Dimensional Match Analytics.

We are ushering in a new era of matchmaking. Accurate, unbiased and transparent. Be part of a recruitment experience of unprecedented quality. Our three pillars to capture a match in a data-driven and precise way:

  • Resume / Hard Facts – technical skills, education, work history
  • Psychometric Profile – preferred thinking patterns, individual motivational bases, cognitive potential
  • Position Environment Assessment – preferred position environment, job satisfaction drivers

Our psychometric testing procedure – the Hartman Value Profile.

To capture the relevant personality dimensions of a candidate, we rely significantly on an automated, validated scientific procedure that has been used only sporadically, mainly in filling top management executive positions. We implement the methodology to record the fundamental value dimensions of a candidate with the Hartman Value Profile. Values form the basis of our actions and are therefore crucial as a foundation of our overall analysis.

Our position evaluation – a revolutionary data model.

The goal of the position assessment is to find out what unique fingerprint your job positions have, in which a candidate can become happy in the long term. We analyze the 8 most relevant aspects that are crucial to a good fit between you and competent candidates. At the same time, we record these in connection with the evaluation of previous, real experiences in the professional environment. Here, experienced practice takes precedence over pure theory in order to be able to make reliable statements. Our approach is scientifically based and developed by our own team of psychologists. We are supported by our international network of partners – both on the academic side, as well as from applied practice.

Your added value through the use of Big Data and Machine Learning.

We believe in the power of data. Only it tell us, without bias, which matches are the best and lead to long-term, sustainable success and mutual satisfaction. As humans, we are blessed with fascinating abilities – at the same time, we are also cursed with innate biases and “blind spots” that we struggle to shed. Data-based decision making can help us to bypass these subjective blind spots and add a rational basis to one’s gut feeling. In this context, we place a special focus on ensuring that our system does not internalize and play back our inherent biases. With the help of machine learning, we are able to continuously develop and optimize our forecasting accuracy as well as the underlying model. With every feedback, with every application process, with every hire, we better understand you as a company and piece by piece identify your unique corporate DNA.

Technical Deep-Dive

You are interested in the concrete design of our neural network. Of course, we do not want to withhold our technical conception from you!