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Technology and science have long been on the rise in many areas. But are we taking advantage of the many opportunities this development offers in HR? Dive into a new era! Discover Smart Recruitment and make your HR fit for the digital age. Simple and straightforward.

Fill your positions with the help of the latest scientific methods and artificial intelligence. Benefit from less effort, longer company tenure, and happier employees who can play to their natural strengths. Unleash the full potential of your business.

Short & concise – our approach in two minutes!

In the following video, you’ll learn why we speak with conviction of a “new standard” in recruitment and why it can be valuable to put resilient, data-based recommendations alongside your gut feeling.

Today’s recruitment – a vicious circle.

High hiring pressure, one-dimensional assessment, inefficient processes. Recruitment is an enormously multifaceted issue that rarely receives the importance it factually possesses for modern businesses.

Specially in critical positions, standing still increasingly means directly jeopardizing product development, revenue or growth targets. In an increasingly complex world, it therefore takes more than a deep look in the eye to identify who, with their skills, personality, and natural strengths, truly fits me as a company.

Less effort, better results.

In cooperation with international partners and scientific institutions, an intelligent, holistic system has been created that assesses a candidate and provides you with a precise assessment of the three relevant questions in recruitment:

  1. Does the candidate with her | his technical skills fit our specific requirements?
  2. Is the candidate with her | his cognitive skills able to fill our position?
  3. Can the candidate in our position fully utilize her | his natural strengths and be happy in the long term?

To answer these questions, we draw on cutting-edge, science-based methods to give you a comprehensive, objective look at the person behind the resume.

  1. A rational data-based analysis of a candidate’s skills and experience.
  2. A validated psychometric test procedure to identify individual patterns of thinking and behavior.
  3. A specially developed organizational psychological test procedure to make profound statements about motivational factors and the fit to the specific position, team and company structure.

See Technology for more details on our methods, processes and use of artificial intelligence to better understand you as a company with each candidate and decode your individual corporate DNA.

May we introduce. The HigHR Score.

Technical aptitude, personal aptitude and suitability for the specific position environment – combined into one simple, comparable number. Our revolutionary HigHR™ Score is made to fundamentally simplify your job. Transparent, meaningful and smart.

Comprehensive, intelligent, simple.

No theoretical “blah-blah.” With us, the benefits of technological and scientific advances can be applied to real-world decisions. Information that moves you forward – from day one.

There is more…

The power of data allows us to be more than your HR services partner. Join us in uncovering the secrets of your success teams, understanding how your top performers think, and developing a whole new understanding of your business.

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