Arpine Karapetyan Consultant | Information Technology


+13 Years of Sales Experience in an international Environment     /     Expert in Sales and Marketing    /   M.Sc. European Studies, Business and Commercial Law


More than 13 years of sales experience in national and international companies and abroad. Core competencies in telecommunications, media industry and management consulting.


Dipl. International BWL with Intercultural Studies in Heilbronn.

Master in European Studies, Business and Commercial Law in Liverpool.


Drive and Passion

Creative passion for art, classical and technical literature, violin and piano. These enable a far-sighted view beyond the end of one’s nose as well as being able to see the abstract and the infinite. Especially for sales processes and in communication to candidates with different characters, these strengths can be used successfully.

Professional Expertise

Passion for sales and marketing. Successful campaigns designed and implemented for renowned clients. As a creative free spirit additional passion in abstract art, which is successfully exhibited and sold worldwide.

Social Commitment

Support of children suffering from cancer in the University Hospital Düsseldorf.