Your Journeywith IAM Global

In three steps to your dream job.

On average, we spend 80,000 hours of our lives working. Yet we often leave it up to our gut instinct to decide which company, which position, and which tasks we spend our time doing.

Your cooperation with us is simple, precise and transparent at all times.

Step 1: Your starting point for our collaboration.

Whether direct approach, advertised mandate or marketing campaign – after our initial contact you will immediately receive a personal contact who will remain at your side for the complete duration of our cooperation. In an initial meeting, our aim is to give you a clear picture of how we work and our holistic approach. How does our company work? How do we deal with central issues such as data protection or discretion? What can you expect from us? A lot can be described in writing, but with your personal contact, many aspects become even clearer and more tangible. At the same time, it is important for us to focus on you and your needs from the very first phone call and to understand you precisely in order to achieve the best possible result.

Step 2: Your requirements.

The second step is all about you and your unique profile, consisting of skills, personality and motivational factors. Together, we capture your unique fingerprint, which, with its three pillars, embodies the foundation of our innovative matching process.

Pillar I: Your professional profile

We ask the right questions to accurately place your skills in the professional context. What skills do you bring to the table? Which technologies do you know like the back of your hand? Is there experience in leading teams in a technical and/or disciplinary way? How many years of professional experience have you already gained? In which areas do you have specific industry expertise? We clarify all this in a close exchange and understand your professional chocolate side.

Pillar II: Your personality

With a scientifically based, psychometric test procedure, you have the opportunity to learn more about your individual abilities and motivational bases. Do you have more of an empathic, practical or strategic/analytical disposition? Are you mentally focused on one type of problem solving or variable in your approach to challenges? Is your motivational profile more focused on short-term success or long-term goal orientation? We’ll give you answers to these questions and incorporate our findings into your choice of your next employer.

Pillar III: Your optimal work environment

We use scientific facts to address the specific environment in which you will be immersed in your next position. In order to guarantee top performance and long-term satisfaction, it is elementary that you feel comfortable in your work environment and in your role to fully play to your natural strengths. Is the position more focused on individual or team work? Does a good end result count or are small but fine details the key to success? Is there a lot of room for decision-making or are structures and processes clearly defined? In 8 simple questions, we address this important topic in this concluding column.

Step 3: Let us do what we can do best!

It’s ready to go. With all the information and an accurate picture of you as a person, we get to work. We identify, target and contact the best positions available on the job market. In doing so, we are not only in close exchange with our existing partners. With our superior system, we are able to map the job market in real time and connect you on a daily basis with vacancies in which you can be happy in the long term.

Once it goes into direct exchange with companies, we accompany you through the application process with our many years of expertise and useful insights. We communicate bilaterally and with the necessary tact in both directions to bring all relevant aspects to the table, which are relevant for a long-term successful employment relationship.

For maximum transparency, we will provide you with full information about your profile as well as your matching with individual partners. We have an exciting vacancy in mind? You will immediately receive your individualized profile, with which we will introduce you, and a detailed match report, so that you are always in the picture about positive as well as negative matching factors.

Our partner wants to get to know you and invites you to a meeting? We will take the next steps together. We have made the experience that with transparency and data-based analysis it is often much easier to talk about critical issues and possible “stumbling blocks”. If desired, we also actively accompany the individual job interviews and are at your side until it’s time…

“Welcome, we look forward to seeing you!”

Your candidate profile

gives our partners a comprehensive picture of you in a concise manner. It contains all relevant information related to your technical, personal and position-specific characteristics. It creates an objective first impression of you as a person.

Your Match Report

puts you in direct relation to a specific open position. Driven by our artificial intelligence, you will learn in a clear and easy-to-understand way how well you and our partner match in the three relevant dimensions. Full transparency.

Christian Balloff

Founder & Managing Director I Recruitment Expert    /     Venture Development & Scaling Know-how     /    Business Engineer

Nicolas Nagel

Senior Consultant | Information Technology Recruitment Expert    /    Focus on IT & Business Intelligence     /     B.Sc. International Management

Sebastian Schlicht

Consultant | Tax & Accounting Recruitment Specialist    /    Focus Tax & Accounting    /    HR Expert

Daniel Burg

CTO I Experienced IT expert  /     Start-up & scaling Know-how     /     Entrepreneur